Monday, May 16, 2011

Feminism Theory Group Presentation

            The Feminism Theory group presentation was primarily a group effort all around. All of us found things in the media: advertisements, YouTube videos, music videos, literature, pictures, etc. Kelly was the one who put the PowerPoint presentation together but, it was a team effort. My part was to send in any media, mostly music videos, which belonged to a certain time period and emphasized feminism. My part in the presentation was to go over and elaborate on Susan Bordo’s piece on femininity: “The Reproduction of Femininity”. After everyone emailed all their findings, we got together and decided to figure out who was going to present on what and how we were going to go about presenting the theory as a whole, to the class. My other contribution to the presentation was working with the black box and making sure the presentation ran smoothly and functionally. 

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