Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Major Critical Theories....sigh.

Well, for starters, my name is Ani, I'm a Creative Writing Major, a Junior, a fairly creative mind and theory, I have to say, kinda scares me. Then again, that's a good thing because if I wasn't scared of it, I wouldn't take the class. (It's a weird way of looking at it, but it makes sense to me.) Anyways, I’m currently enrolled in six English classes and I only have one word for you: No. I have no idea what I was thinking, thinking that I could take all these classes and manage. Apparently, my thought process isn’t all that great, because I’m sailing a ship where the hull looks like Swiss cheese and is mostly sinking, rather than sailing.

I love English. I couldn’t think of any other subject to study (besides Journalism, which is my second major) because it’s just so much fun. I love to read, and my ever growing library in my room is slowly expanding, causing me to upgrade my storage units every other year or so. (My wallet is so not happy with me.) My career goal is to become a copy editor, so I’ll be the first to read new and upcoming books before they hit the shelves. It’s an exciting thought. That being said, I think this class is definitely going to help me see books, and stories, and all types of fiction in a new light that will help with my future career. =)

I’ve never really thought critically and even if I have, I never realized it. If you ask me what it means to think critically, I’m going to give you the only answer I can think of: To think critically is to think philosophically, like Plato and Aristotle and etc, which to me is not that appealing because it’ll hurt my brain. BUT, from what we did in class on our first day, I think I’m going to enjoy this part of English because, come on, we watched a clip from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: That’s just awesome. Another thing that’s really cool about this class, and this teacher, for me at least is that there are no wrong answers. I can say any response that comes to mind and even if it’s wrong, it’s okay because then we’ll learn from that and figure out why it’s wrong.

The theory that there are no wrong answers in this class is amazing, but when it comes to the actual moment where I want to give my response and not feel like I’m giving the most absurd answer ever heard on the planet, will be the moment of truth. Until then, I will remain a teensy bit skeptical and see how this all plays out. =)

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