Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marxy Marx and the Funky Bunch

            Marxism is a political ideology that implements socialism; a worldview for how to change and improve society. Marx believed that social occurred because of the struggle between the different class systems within society who are constantly contradicting one another. His analysis led to the conclusion that capitalism leads to the oppression of the working classes, the proletariats, who make up the majority of the population. Not only is the working class the big chunk in the pie chart, it is also the group of people that brings home the money for the upper class, the rich snobs, the bourgeoisie.
            Marx, and his advocates, believes the only way to correct this inequality where the poor majority work and live for the rich minority (lazy pricks) is for there to be a revolution where the proles take over the government and hand over the benefits to their class. Private property is taken into government control, now run by the working class, and is transformed to benefit their class system. Essentially, this is a socialist economy, but Marx believed that this would eventually develop into a completely classless system, known as communism.
            There is one flaw though; everyone wants to be equal but this is not really true. Everyone wants to be better than their neighbor, make more money then them so they can have something better: a better product, a better house, a better income, a better life. So, communism wouldn’t really work because there would be a full on riot between coworkers, feuds between friends, etc. all for the sole purpose of being better than the other. Of not really being equal. 

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