Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Look...More Marx

             So, let’s recap. We learned that Marx believed that communism was the way to; to take down and destroy the class system and make everyone equal. He was all for massive rage revolution condoning such acts and giving the working class the ok-go and self-esteem they would need to carry out their plans. But, what else does Marx have to say about socialism, aka communism, and the class systems? Let’s all be happy…kind of.
            “Ideology as an instrument of social reproduction”…what? Let me rephrase; the worker bees are led to believe that the economic interests of the ruling class are the economic interests of the working class. The working class is taught that they are happy to work for the upper class, which is too lazy and snooty to do the work themselves and feel like they accomplished something. You are an important member of society. You help the progress of our economy, helping us help you. Lies! The hard working bee is going out into the world, where death awaits at every corner, risking his life to get to that pretty flower and collect his honey for a stupid queen who is too lazy to get up off her big heinie and get her honey herself. No, she is the Queen Bee and she has her peons to do her work for. Her workers are led to believe that the queen loves them and every task that they are given is for the betterment of their society, thus for the betterment of themselves. (I think not.)

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